Brian Williams’ Suspension Blankets NBC News Today

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NBC News programs spent the day reporting on its suspension of Brian Williams. This morning it reported this on Today show:

Tonight, NBC News unveiled its new Nightly News title, which was pointedly missing the “with Brian Williams” bit, as well as that Michael Douglas narrated opening, replaced with Voiceover Guy guy identifying Lester Holt as the anchor. Holt filled in for Williams on Monday and Tuesday as well, but his permanent temporary anchor status was made official late yesterday when NBC News announced it was putting Williams on ice for six months while continuing to investigate other claims he’s made over the years that have been called into question.

“Now to the story many of you are talking about tonight and one that not only hits close to home, but in our home,” Holt told viewers about half way through the broadcast. All of NBC’s Brian Williams bad news…

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