How the U.S. can confront China’s Great Wall of Sand

us war mongering again


Not too long ago, if you had to guess where the U.S. and China could get into a direct military confrontation, the waters around the Senkaku-Diaoyu Islands—over which China and Japan, an American treaty ally, had been embroiled in bitter territorial disputes—would be as good a bet as any. Today, though, the South China Sea seems a much better candidate.

The Pentagon is seriously considering a robust response to recent Chinese activities in the disputed areas in the South China Sea. Since late 2012, China has been stepping up its efforts to turn the coral reefs it occupies into large artificial islands. Its progress is so rapid that recent satellite pictures show that Chinese construction crews have successfully reclaimed large areas surrounding the six reefs in the Spratly archipelago currently occupied by China. Prior to these activities, the reefs were submerged during high tides. Today, they have been built into…

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