False Flag awareness CanadaLike Page

‪#‎SanBernardino‬ shooting ‪#‎hoax‬
All the links to make an Educated and well researched opinion of what really Happened.
Victor Valley News Article about Drill.…/
Article about Swat conducting drill at exact same time.

Excellent commentary from Pete Santilli and Kurt Haskell.
Truthstreammedias excellent video.
Report from Man who lives there?
News Anchors caught saying Actors..”Role Players or Crisis Actors”

Amazing article on how Mass Shootings have skyrocketed under Obama. Statistical proof something odd is going on.
Journalist exposes the lies of Mainstream Media.…/world-class-journlai…/…/why-have-there-been-more-mas…/
Video on the Smith Mundt act that allows the News and Government to fool you.

False Flag Canada.

Dahboos Videos.

Peekays Videos

RedSilverJ’s Videos.

Dooms Videos.

RussianVids Videos.

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