from SJMN “If this amount of runoff hasn’t been seen in many decades then the planners and hydrologists would have a hard time figuring out where the flood prone areas along the rivers and streams would be vulnerable to overflow and flooding. I didn’t hear one mention of Santa Clara Valley Water District in this story. It’s their job to clean the creeks and remove debris every year. A lot of ‘water tax’ money is spent every year to do so. Where was the Murky News reporter who is supposed to know this and why didn’t the reporter ask some questions and get some response from the SCVWD spokesperson? The District was surely watching the creek levels with their remote monitoring SCADA system. They are responsible for getting the raw creek level information out to the City of San Jose and all other concerned agencies.”
right the have gauges on a system SCADA that transmits water level at bridges etc, but who was monitoring that?… look at the mess created by @scvwd

San Jose flood update: 14,000 ordered to evacuate overnight; Highway 101 closed – your water district at……/coyote-creek-levee-breaks…/8961084

your water district at work not @SCVWD @valleywater thank you for wasted millions ……/5-rescued-from-swollen-creek…

#SCVWD #valleywater

Göeltz Paul condos across william st park…/new-mandatory…/1766894/

A note of correction for you…Anderson is still not fixed and is limited to 50% capacity. It is due to be demolished in 2017 and rebuilt. I am not holding my breath that the work will even commence in 2017.



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