San Jose flood update: 14,000 ordered to evacuate overnight; Highway 101 closed
The evacuation includes homes along Coyote Creek plus an additional 250 feet, from the southwest side of 101 to north of 280.

your water district at work not @SCVWD @valleywater thank you for wasted millions ……/5-rescued-from-swollen-creek…

#SCVWD #valleywater

Göeltz Paul condos across william st park…/new-mandatory…/1766894/

A note of correction for you…Anderson is still not fixed and is limited to 50% capacity. It is due to be demolished in 2017 and rebuilt. I am not holding my breath that the work will even commence in 2017.


the city and @scvwd meet each yr to work out sharing, info, clean up, cost etc, etc, problem is the 2.47am email from scvwd was disregarded by scvwd who knew this was too much water, and the city both who did nothing, i hope they sue the sxxx out of the city, scvwd clean the slate, get directors and staff that want to do something for the ppl. not build new board rooms for 3 million which they approved during drought last yr? investigation? here is overhead footage of william st park shame even a ex director got hit.… Maybe time to stop pointing fingers and take blame @scv wd and city of san jose both have EOC million dollar ones but nothing happens, as Dick Santos said we know it floods there….. “Mark Hansen • 2 days ago
If this amount of runoff hasn’t been seen in many decades then the planners and hydrologists would have a hard time figuring out where the flood prone areas along the rivers and streams would be vulnerable to overflow and flooding. I didn’t hear one mention of Santa Clara Valley Water District in this story. It’s their job to clean the creeks and remove debris every year. A lot of ‘water tax’ money is spent every year to do so. Where was the Murky News reporter who is supposed to know this and why didn’t the reporter ask some questions and get some response from the SCVWD spokesperson? The District was surely watching the creek levels with their remote monitoring SCADA system. They are responsible for getting the raw creek level information out to the City of San Jose and all other concerned agencies. frm sjmn”
yes they get millions to clean crks, but they dont clean a thing its done by volunteers.

You would think after 90 plus yrs the district and a bit the city would stop building right next to creeks floodplain?
but we all know the salaries, payouts and lawsuits cost the district millions in tax $ are, your tax dollars. Funny clean safe creeks gets 40 million and they use volunteers to clean the crk, with all their new trucks, cranes etc, the flooding, mess and encampments would be less, but guess what you will be paying them billions as the dams fall apart and if they ever do a real audit, not just line items, you will see the waste, and wonder why this did not go to their mission> whatever happened….…


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